Stantec – Multimedia – Interaction/Mixed Reality Development 

In August 2008 Neat3D merged with MWH. I took a position as Senior Visualizer, where I was given the responsibility of lead video editor and had a large input in the show reel. This new role required me to work as a lead project artist where communicating design concepts and restrictions were imperative.

My visualization skills were always tested to the limits with complex engineering projects ranging from illustrating pipeline routes to Italian motorways. I dealt with major clients, National Grid and Scottish and Southern Energy creating visual solution the integration of several packages, and taking advantage of their strengths has been the key to delivering high quality products. The intense 3D studio environment has allowed my imagery to flourish whilst also having the capability to successfully meet tight deadlines and work under my own initiative

In 2010 I was seconded into United Utilities, where I produced photorealistic images, Animation and Landscape and Visual Assessment work for United Utilities, conforming to the guidelines set out by Landscape Institute in the “Photography and photomontages in landscape and visual impact assessment”. The projects I worked varied from Reservoirs, Water treatment works, architecture and environmental design in both rural and urban surrounding, site visits/photography and an understanding of projects restraints/existing services are important defining the final product in both visualization design content,

In 2011 I was seconded into United Utilities to join there BIM team as BIM technologist, I investigate and implement the use of Unity3d within its Health and Safety and asset management strategy resulting in the creation of the DAIM portal (Digital Asset Information Manager) which was to become the hub for all digital information

In 2015 I was asked to return Stantec (MWH Global) rejoin the Multim3dia team as Unity3d Developer/ Senior 3D visualizer, while still doing 3d visualization I focused a lot of time developing conceptual applications for clients and bids. I built the templated Unity3D presentation that assisted in securing sizeable bids for Stantec and created the prototype “Gateway” application commissioned by Yorkshire. The goal of the project was to be the gateway to every document or data that a site visitor, operator or maintainer world require to do their job safely and efficiently

We introduced the HTC Vive and the Microsoft Hololens into Stantec in 2016, adding a new dimension digital outputs. Integrating this Virtual Reality and mixed Reality technology into the design process we have had a huge impact on how engineering and operators view health and cost savings. I have used Virtual reality to bring design and maintenance to life within the office environment for design reviews, safety reviews and maintenance sequence rehearsals. Using Mixed reality, Hololens and Unity3d, I have wrote application that has brought design model to project sites and displaying it in context, I have travelled several sites across the UK for Stantec and partners showing the site operators proposed schemes within their surrounds and working conditions. This system been described as being “ahead of the competition” and has been recognized with awards and magazine articles

 Since 2010 I have supported the CAD as a Cad Technician if required creating 2D and 3D drawing for the waste and nuclear sector for clients including united utilities and Selifield.

Neat3D Solutions – Architectural Visualizer

In the time I have been employed at Neat3D, Neat3D has expanded from 3 members of staff to seven and claimed five awards and a commendation from the police. I was given the opportunity to complete high profile projects including the redevelopment of the St Pancas station in London, Mann Island on Liverpool Dock area and Edge Lane the gate way into Liverpool. Also I gained the opportunity work in numerous project sectors including: nuclear decommissioning; water treatment plants; architectural visualization; and sensitive police court presentations and forensics cases.

Austin-Smith:Lord – Graphic Illustrator / 3D Modeler

As Senior Graphic Illustrator in the Warrington office and coordinating with the Manchester office, I built a close relationship with the Architects, Landscape Architects and Marketing departments. Working closely at the early stages of a project I offered support during the design process offering support producing PowerPoint presentations, tender documents and 3D Microstation and all document templates.